An Overview Of The Best Dietitian Schools

A dietitian is a professional who helps people to eat healthy meals and exercise correctly in order to lose weight, or gain weight, among other things. Dietitian schools are specifically designed to train people in how to help others with their weight issues. Dietitians differ from nutritionists who schedule healthy nutrition for a variety of illnesses and ailments, including diabetes and cancer and who hold a degree, but do not need to be state licensed. Dietitians are focused on correct diet for weight loss, weight gain, or other weight related medical conditions, as well as exercise habits, and must have a license to practice.

Kansas State University

Kansas State offers students the ability to study the initial course that is recognized by the American Dietetic Association (ADA), namely the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). Following this, the Coordinated Dietetics Program (CDP) can be taken, with Kansas State accepting credit from colleges with a 2 year dietetic degree. Their Hospitality Management and Dietetic Department in the Human Ecology College only accepts 30 students at a time, so get in as early as possible.

California State University

The California State University in Los Angeles offers accredited programs in the School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science with a BS (Bachelor of Science) or MS (Master of Science) degree being granted. The programs available are the Coordinated Dietetics Program (CDP), which will allow graduates to take the national exam and become registered dietitians, gaining membership to the ADA (American Dietetic Association). After completion of the CDP, the graduates are eligible to take the Communication Skills in Dietetics, Supervised Practice in Dietetics, and Seminar: Dietetics courses.

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Eastern Michigan University

EMU offers a degree through its School of Health Sciences in its Dietetics and Human Nutrition department which is campus and online based. Undergraduates have the opportunity take the CPD (Coordinated Program in Dietetics) which has been around since 1974. Other programs include a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, Master of Science in Dietetics Coordinated Program, and Human Nutrition (NUTR) which is a course offered for Registered Dietitians, or those who are already working as health professionals.

University of Vermont

The Department of Food and Nutrition Sciences offers an MSD program covering community health and nutrition over a 2 to 3 year period. An NFS major is also awarded and can be combined with a major in Dietetics as well. The faculty members will assist graduates in becoming registered dietitians. There is also an NFS Graduate Program which will allow graduates to achieve their NFS PhD, Dietetic Masters, NFS Masters, and various NFS courses including those in Microbiology, Nutrition Education and Counseling, Diet and Disease and more.

Choosing the Best Dietitian Schools

Dietitian schools are found all over the United States with varying programs and degree options for both undergraduates and graduates. The most important thing when choosing a school is to ensure that it is accredited by the ADA. Graduates will then be eligible for the national certification exam and can start working as an RD (Registered Dietitian). With this license, the dietitian is allowed to work in hospitals, schools, healthcare clinics and at private medical practices. Choosing the best dietitian schools can be tough, as they all have excellent facilities and dietetic programs, so the main aspect to choosing would be location and application requirements.
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